Tom Mudgett
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Other Work

The following is an overview of different projects that show my breadth of work and experience.


Paywalls and Subscription Flows

During my time at GameChanger I was responsible for our subscriptions flows. Over the years, we’ve added a pricing tier, incorporated recurring subscriptions on our native apps, and added free trials. The results have contributed to a substantial year over year revenue growth for 2 consecutive years and counting.


Team Manager UI Styles

While we were in the early stages of developing our new app, Team Manager, I helped set the tone for the UI styles that would be used throughout our iOS and Android apps. From this foundation, the design team built out a style-guide for the app.


Android Stat Tables

My team was tasked with bringing in premium access features available on our iOS app to the new GameChanger Android app. This included team season stats and player game logs. An important part of the feature was adding walls to only allow people with the right level of access to view them.